(a) By participating or intending to participate in a race conducted under these rules, each competitor and boat owner agrees to accept these rules.
(b) A support person by providing support, or a parent or guardian by permitting their child to enter a race, agrees to accept the rules.

4.2 Each competitor and boat owner agrees, on behalf of their support persons, that such support persons are bound by the rules.

4.3 Acceptance of the rules includes agreement
(a) to be governed by the rules;
(b) to accept the penalties imposed and other action taken under the rules, subject to the appeal and review procedures provided in them, as the final determination of any matter arising under the rules;
(c) with respect to any such determination, not to resort to any court of law or tribunal not provided for in the rules; and
(d) by each competitor and boat owner to ensure that their support persons are aware of the rules.

4.4 The person in charge of each boat shall ensure that all competitors in the crew and the boat’s owner are aware of their responsibilities under this rule.

4.5 This rule may be changed by a prescription of the national authority of the venue.