ISAF Eligibility Rules


A competitor whose ISAF eligibility has been suspended or revoked shall not engage in any competition in the sport of sailing.


To be eligible to compete in an event listed in 19.3, a competitor shall:


be governed by the regulations and rules of ISAF;


be a member of his/her Member National Authority or one of its affiliated organizations. Such membership shall be established by the competitor;

(i) being entered by a national authority of the country of which the competitor is a national or ordinarily a resident; or

(ii) presenting a valid membership card or certificate, or other satisfactory evidence of identity and membership.


(i) be registered as an ‘ISAF Sailor’ on the ISAF Website; and

(ii) sign the waiver from the Court for Arbitration in Sport

For those events listed under 19.3(a), (b) and (c), Olympic Qualification Events and ISAF Graded Match Racing Events.

Events Requiring ISAF Eligibility


ISAF Eligibility is required for the following events:


the sailing regatta of the Olympic Games;


the sailing regattas of Regional Games recognized by the International Olympic Committee;


events including “ISAF” in their titles;


world and continental championships of ISAF classes and world championships of the IMS, Major Events and other events approved by ISAF as a World Championship;


any event at which the Organizing Authority, Member National Authority or ISAF has appointed an International Jury or International Umpires, International Race Officers, International Measurers or ISAF Technical Delegates to serve in their capacity for which they hold a Certificate of Appointment issued by ISAF;


any event approved by a Member National Authority of the ISAF as an Olympic qualifying event; and


any event designated by a Member National Authority within its jurisdiction as requiring ISAF eligibility.


With the approval of the relevant Member National Authority, an Organizing Authority may also require ISAF eligibility for an event when so stated in the notice of race and sailing instructions.

Suspension of ISAF Eligibility


After proper inquiry by either the national authority of the competitor or the ISAF Executive Committee, a competitor’s ISAF eligibility shall be promptly suspended with immediate effect, permanently or for a specified period of time

(a) for any suspension of eligibility in accordance with RRS 69.2; or

(b) for breaking RRS 5; or

(c) for competing, within the two years preceding the inquiry, in an event that the competitor knew or should have known was a prohibited event.


A prohibited event is an event:

(a) permitting or requiring advertising beyond that permitted by the ISAF Advertising Code;

(b) with prizes or other benefits referred to in Regulation 18.16.1 that is a national event not approved by the national authority of the venue or an international event not approved by the ISAF;

(c) that is described as a world championship or uses the word "world", either in the title of the event or otherwise, and that is not approved by the ISAF; or

(d) that does not conform to the requirements of RRS 88.1, and is not otherwise approved by the ISAF.

(e) that has not paid the ISAF Event Fees.

Note: To ensure that sailors are fully informed of events, which have not paid the ISAF Event Fees, ISAF will maintain a list of outstanding Events with outstanding Event Fee payments on the ISAF website.


When an event described in regulation 19.3 has been approved as required, that fact shall be stated in the notice of race and the sailing instructions.

Reports; Reviews; Notification; Appeals


When a national authority suspends a competitor’s ISAF eligibility under regulation 19.4, it shall promptly report the suspension and reasons therefore to the ISAF. The ISAF Executive Committee may revise or annul the suspension with immediate effect. The ISAF shall promptly report any suspension of a competitor’s eligibility, or of its revision or annulment by the ISAF Executive Committee, to all National Authorities, ISAF Class Associations and other ISAF affiliated organizations, which may also suspend eligibility for events held within their jurisdiction.


A competitor whose suspension of ISAF eligibility has been either imposed by a national authority, or imposed or revised by the ISAF Executive Committee, shall be advised of the right to appeal to the ISAF Review Board and be provided with a copy of the Review Board Rules of Procedure.


A national authority or the ISAF Executive Committee may ask for a review of its decision by the ISAF Review Board by complying with the Review Board Rules of Procedure.


The Review Board Rules of Procedure shall govern all appeals and requests for review.


Upon an appeal or request for review, the ISAF Review Board may confirm, revise or annul a suspension of eligibility, or require a hearing or rehearing by the suspending authority.


Decisions of the Review Board may be appealed in accordance with Article 81.


The ISAF shall promptly notify all national authorities, ISAF Class Associations and other ISAF affiliated organizations of all Review Board decisions.

Reinstatement of ISAF Eligibility


The ISAF Review Board may reinstate the ISAF eligibility of a competitor who:

(a) applies for reinstatement;

(b) establishes substantial, changed circumstances justifying reinstatement; and

(c) has completed a minimum of three years of suspension.

Class Eligibility


Any competitor whose eligibility has been suspended, denied, or revoked by an ISAF Class may appeal that decision to the ISAF Review Board in accordance with Articles 77, 79 and 80 and ISAF Regulation 19.5.