See rule 77.


G1.1 Identification

Every boat of an World Sailing Class shall carry on her mainsail and, as provided in rules G1.3(d) and G1.3(e) for letters and numbers only, on her spinnaker and headsail

(a) the insignia denoting her class;

(b) at all international events, except when the boats are provided to all competitors, national letters denoting her national
authority from the table below. For the purposes of this rule, international events are World Sailing events, world and continental championships, and events described as international events in their notices of race and sailing instructions; and

(c) a sail number of no more than four digits allotted by her national authority or, when so required by the class rules, by the class association . The four-digit limitation does not apply to classes whose World Sailing membership or recognition took effect before 1 April 1997. Alternatively, if permitted in the class rules, an owner may be allotted a personal sail number by the relevant issuing authority, which may be used on all his boats in that class.

Sails measured before 31 March 1999 shall comply with rule G1.1 or with the rules applicable at the time of measurement.

Note: An up-to-date version of the table below is available on the World Sailing website.

national sail letters

National authority Letters
Algeria ALG
American Samoa ASA
Andorra AND
Angola ANG
Antigua ANT
Argentina ARG
Armenia ARM
Aruba ARU
Australia AUS
Austria AUT
Azerbaijan AZE
Bahamas BAH
Bahrain BRN
Barbados BAR
Belarus BLR
Belgium BEL
Belize BIZ
Bermuda BER
Brazil BRA
British Virgin Islands IVB
Bulgaria BUL
Canada CAN
Cayman Islands CAY
Chile CHI
China, PR CHN
Chinese Taipei TPE
Colombia COL
Cook Islands COK
Croatia CRO
Cuba CUB
Cyprus CYP
Czech Republic CZE
Denmark DEN
Djibouti DJI
Dominican Republic DOM
Ecuador ECU
Egypt EGY
El Salvador ESA
Estonia EST
Fiji FIJ
Finland FIN
France FRA
Georgia GEO
Germany GER
Great Britain GBR
Greece GRE
Grenada GRN
Guam GUM
Guatemala GUA
Hong Kong HKG
Hungary HUN
Iceland ISL
India IND
Indonesia INA
Iraq IRQ
Ireland IRL
Israel ISR
Italy ITA
Jamaica JAM
Japan JPN
Kazakhstan KAZ
Kenya KEN
Korea, DPR PRK
Korea, Republic of KOR
Kosovo KOS
Kuwait KUW
Kyrgyzstan KGZ
Latvia LAT
Lebanon LIB
Libya LBA
Liechtenstein LIE
Lithuania LTU
Luxembourg LUX
Macedonia (FYRO) MKD
Madagascar MAD
Malaysia MAS
Malta MLT
Mauritius MRI
Mexico MEX
Moldova MDA
Monaco MON
Montenegro MNE
Morocco MAR
Mozambique MOZ
Myanmar MYA
Namibia NAM
Netherlands NED
Netherlands Antilles AHO
New Zealand NZL
Nicaragua NCA
Nigeria NGR
Norway NOR
Oman OMA
Pakistan PAK
Palestine PLE
Panama PAN
Papua New Guinea PNG
Paraguay PAR
Peru PER
Philippines PHI
Poland POL
Portugal POR
Puerto Rico PUR
Qatar QAT
Romania ROU
Russia RUS
Samoa SAM
San Marino SMR
Saudi Arabia KSA
Senegal SEN
Serbia SRB
Seychelles SEY
Singapore SIN
Slovak Republic SVK
Slovenia SLO
South Africa RSA
Spain ESP
Sri Lanka SRI
St Lucia LCA
St Vincent & Grenadines VIN
Sudan SUD
Sweden SWE
Switzerland SUI
Tahiti TAH
Tanzania TAN
Thailand THA
Trinidad & Tobago TTO
Tunisia TUN
Turkey TUR
Uganda UGA
Ukraine UKR
United Arab Emirates UAE
United States of America USA
Uruguay URU
US Virgin Islands ISV
Vanuatu VAN
Venezuela VEN
Vietnam VIE
Zimbabwe ZIM .

G1.2 Specifications

(a) National letters and sail numbers shall be in capital letters and Arabic numerals, clearly legible and of the same colour.
Commercially available typefaces giving the same or better legibility than Helvetica are acceptable.

(b) The height of characters and space between adjoining characters on the same and opposite sides of the sail shall be related to the boats overall length as follows:

Overall length

Minimum height

Minimum space between characters and from edge of sail

under 3.5 m

230 mm

45 mm

3.5 m8.5 m

300 mm

60 mm

8.5 m11 m

375 mm

75 mm

over 11 m

450 mm

90 mm

G1.3 Positioning

Class insignia, national letters and sail numbers shall be positioned as follows:

(a) Except as provided in rules G1.3(d) and G1.3(e), class insignia, national letters and sail numbers shall when possible be wholly above an arc whose centre is the head point and whose radius is 60% of the leech length. They shall be placed at different heights on the two sides of the sail, those on the starboard side being uppermost.

(b) The class insignia shall be placed above the national letters. If the class insignia is of such a design that two of them coincide when placed back to back on both sides of the sail, they may be so placed.

(c) National letters shall be placed above the sail number.

(d) The national letters and sail number shall be displayed on the front side of a spinnaker but may be placed on both sides. They shall be displayed wholly below an arc whose centre is the head point and whose radius is 40% of the foot median and, when possible, wholly above an arc whose radius is 60% of the foot median.

(e) The national letters and sail number shall be displayed on both sides of a headsail whose clew can extend behind the mast 30% or more of the mainsail foot length. They shall be displayed wholly below an arc whose centre is the head point and whose radius is half the luff length and, if possible, wholly above an arc whose radius is 75% of the luff length.


Other boats shall comply with the rules of their national authority or class association in regard to the allotment, carrying and size of insignia, letters and numbers. Such rules shall, when practicable, conform to the above requirements.


When so stated in the notice of race or sailing instructions, a boat chartered or loaned for an event may carry national letters or a sail number in contravention of her class rules.


When a protest committee finds that a boat has broken a rule of this appendix it shall either warn her and give her time to comply or penalize her.


World Sailing classes may change the rules of this appendix provided the changes have first been approved by the World Sailing.