89.1 Race Committee

The race committee shall conduct races as directed by the organizing authority and as required by the rules.

89.2 Sailing Instructions

(a) The race committee shall publish written sailing instructions that conform to rule J2.

(b) The sailing instructions for an international event shall include, in English, the applicable prescriptions of the national authority.

(c) Changes to the sailing instructions shall be in writing and posted within the required time on the official notice board or, on the water, communicated to each boat before her warning signal. Oral changes may be given only on the water, and only if the procedure is stated in the sailing instructions.

89.3 Scoring

(a) The race committee shall score a race or series as provided in Appendix A using the Low Point System, unless the sailing instructions specify the Bonus Point System or some other system. A race shall be scored if it is not abandoned and if one boat sails the course in compliance with rule 28.1 and finishes within the time limit, if any, even if she retires after finishing or is disqualified.

(b) When a scoring system provides for excluding one or more race scores from a boatís series score, the score for disqualification under rule 2; rule 30.3ís next-to-last sentence; rule 42 if rule 67, P2.2 or P2.3 applies; or rule 69.1(b)(2) shall not be excluded. The next-worse score shall be excluded instead.